Difference between Ferrari and Mercedes? "Even the barista puts pressure on you"

10-12-2019 13:00
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Difference between Ferrari and Mercedes? Even the barista puts pressure on you

Not many people have worked and succeeded at both Ferrari and Mercedes, but Aldo Costa is one of them, and he has revealed the key differences between the work environment at the two titans.

Costa joined Ferrari in the late 90's in the design department before joining the technical department. He was at the Scuderia during their golden age at the start of this century, when Michael Schumacher won five championships on the spin.

He joined Mercedes at the brink of their dominant era as well, being at the German works team for their six consecutive double titles. 

Speaking to AutoMoto, Costa reflected on how it was working at both constructors.

"For me, the transition from Ferrari to Mercedes was painless," the Italian said.

"I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and I noticed the way of working in England is completely different. There are no politics.

"Problems were solved technically, without drama and within normal working hours. Despite the fact it was impractical to constantly travel to England, it was a fantastic workplace."

Compare this to Ferrari, where you have the entire nation of Italy on your back, and it makes for a different environment.

"At Ferrari, you're constantly under the loop. The media, the fans, the shareholders. Even the barista who serves your coffee adds pressure. At Mercedes, they create an atmosphere where everyone can do their best without being afraid to slip up."

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