Hamilton: "I grew up like everyone else thinking dairy and meat was good for you"

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9 December at 10:04
Last update 9 December at 10:31

Lewis Hamilton has given an insight into what it is like being a vegan and admitted when he used to eat meat he would wake up feeling groggy.

Hamilton won his sixth Formula 1 Drivers' Championship in 2019, scoring his highest number of points and winning eleven races as he took another step closer to Michael Schumacher's record of seven titles. It was his third Drivers' Championship in a row and his fifth with Mercedes.

The Brit's vegan diet has been well publicised and it has been met with mixed reviews. However, Hamilton has explained how he got into it and how other people can try it out.

“I grew up like everyone else thinking dairy and meat was good for you. I thought I was living healthily and was doing right," Hamilton told Options.

“Then I met a few new people who were vegans, and they started showing me some of the things happening in our world that I was completely oblivious to. It freaked me out. I started to read about it and realised that what I was taught to believe was healthy, was not.

“So, I decided to try and gradually move in that direction, slowly getting rid of red meat, then chicken, then fish until I was ready to fully commit. I wanted to feel for myself how big of a difference it would make.”