Chase Carey: "I hope Hamilton races in Formula 1 forever"

01-12-2019 11:21
by Matt Gretton
Chase Carey: I hope Hamilton races in Formula 1 forever

Lewis Hamilton is fast approaching Michael Schumacher's record of seven world titles. The British driver now needs just one more to match Schumacher's total. Hamilton is one of the best drivers to compete in Formula 1 and Chase Carey wants Hamilton to stay within the sport as long as possible. 

Carey, Formula 1's CEO, deems Hamilton a hero for what he has done for the sport. He believes the six-time world champion has some challenges left to battle and he hopes this will inspire the Mercedes driver to continue. 

“I hope Lewis races forever. He’s obviously an incredible champion and his success speaks for itself. Sports build their heroes. He is a hero second to none in our sport. Certainly, we hope he races forever – he probably won’t! – but I think he’s got some challenges still ahead of him and we’d like to see him tackle those," Carey said in a conversation with 

Some of those challenges come in the form of the youngsters currently finding their feet in the world of Formula 1. Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc are already established at the top while Lando Norris and George Russell look promising. Carey is pleased he has this array of talent coming through. 

“When you look at Max, he’s been racing a few years, we forget how young he is. But whether it’s Max or Charles or Lando I think we’ve got an incredible and exciting future in those drivers. I hope they get a chance to battle with Lewis. But we’ve got to make sure it’s why we work so hard to create, with Jean [Todt, FIA president], the proper pyramid of Formula 3 and Formula 2."

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