Mattia Binotto: “There is one true version” of Vettel/Leclerc Brazil crash

29-11-2019 18:13
by Bevan Youl
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Mattia Binotto: “There is one true version” of Vettel/Leclerc Brazil crash

Ferrari team principal has said that “there is one true version” of the Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc collision which saw both cars retire, despite the drivers own opinions, with words being said to avoid it happening again in the future.

The Brazil GP caused a stir for Binotto during the closing stages as Leclerc Vettel came together whilst battling it out for a chance at the podium, leading to both cars retiring with damage from contact.
There was plenty of debate as to whose fault it was, with both drivers accusing the other while the Italian believes it only damaged the ‘interest’ of Ferrari.
“Hmm… what’s the verdict? I think there may be different versions,” Said Binotto when asked his verdict in Abu Dhabi.
“If you listen to the drivers, they may have their own version. I think at the end there is one true version, which is that they damaged the interest of the Scuderia Ferrari, and by doing that, damaging themselves.”
It was known that Binotto had set up a meeting with his drivers to resolve the issue before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, to help understand the situation and prevent the possibility of a reoccurrence.
“We discussed altogether, we looked again at the video,” he added.
“I think what’s always important when that type of thing happens, there is always something which is triggering it. And more important is to understand what’s triggering it.
“It’s the only way to make sure that in the future it’s not happening again. And that’s something that certainly we discussed – between us.”


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