Verstappen says Alonso "would be one of the main candidates to win the title"

27-11-2019 12:06
by Louis Shaw
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Verstappen says Alonso would be one of the main candidates to win the title

Fernando Alonso is regarded as one of the most talented drivers in the world. Many believe that the two-time F1 world champion deserved more success and that he was always unfortunate with the cars that he was given. Max Verstappen agrees and regards Alonso as one of the best. 

“I think that if Alonso came back in one of the cars at the front of the grid, he would be one of the main candidates to win the title," Verstappen told Auto Bild.

Verstappen believes that Alonso is one of the best drivers of recent times and is annoyed that he didn't get to race against the Spaniard. 

“For me, Fernando is one of the best and it’s a pity that I could not race against him because when we raced each other on the same tracks in recent years, he did not have a competitive car,” he added.

Verstappen is one of the fastest drivers on the current grid but there are plenty of quality drivers for him to race against. 

“[Lewis] Hamilton, [Sebastian] Vettel and [Charles] Leclerc are very good drivers, although their style is very different.

“Lewis and Vettel are already among the best drivers of all time.

“But we are in a sport in which you depend so much on the machinery, and where the differences are not so much in the driver, but rather in the car you have.”

Verstappen will have his work cut out trying to stay ahead of the current crop of drivers and will have to let the dream of racing Alonso for podiums float away. 


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