Lando Norris believes Esports drivers could move to F1!

25-11-2019 10:52
by Adam Newton
Lando Norris believes Esports drivers could move to F1!

McLaren driver Lando Norris believes that there is a chance in the future that F1 drivers could begin their career in Esports before moving over to real life racing. The F1 Esports tournament is a huge event watched by thousands of fans, and with Esports growing the way it is, Norris says it is only a matter of time before some of the drivers make the transition to real life.

The F1 Esports Pro Series Grand Final takes place on December 4 and has seen attention this year like no other, with real F1 teams signing up drivers to race for them in game.

There have already been a handful of sim racers make the move to real life racing, perhaps most notably Jann Mardenborough, who went from sim racer to Le Mans starter and is currently in Super GT in Japan.

Norris said, according to “In the future I think you can get people who start in Esports and come over.

“I don’t think they can go straight from Esports to Formula 1, they would have to still do some steps: F3, F2 and so on. But I think there’s already been some drivers who have proved that having skills on the simulator can translate very well onto the actual race track.

“The better the simulators get and everything then the higher the chance of something like that happening.”

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