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Carlos Sainz opens up on his relationship with Lando Norris

Carlos Sainz opens up on his relationship with Lando Norris

24-11-2019 15:28

Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris have a very strong relationship and it is one of the strengths of the McLaren team. The positive environment they have created has allowed for their success this season and Sainz thinks it will remain strong in the future. 

Many videos of Norris and Sainz together have been popular on social media and the Spaniard has spoken about their relationship. 

"It's close, but the whole team atmosphere is very good," Sainz was quoted by GPToday.net. "For example, we went out to dinner, both Lando's team and my team. We both had fun and the team atmosphere is very good.

"We are enjoying it and there is a lot of banter between us and everything I think it's also helping the team to have a relaxed atmosphere but at the same team to work hard."

McLaren are building a platform and will hope to be genuine contenders within a few seasons. This is something that Sainz thinks could threaten his relationship with Sainz. 

"I think it would be natural that if the team started fighting for championships then everything would get a bit more tense," Sainz said. "Not a worse relationship between us, just a bit more tense."

McLaren will hope to continue their performances and keep the relationships in the garage strong. 

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