Ricciardo learning new skills in midfield battle!

21-11-2019 19:26 | Updated: 21-11-2019 19:50
by Adam Newton
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Ricciardo learning new skills in midfield battle!

Daniel Ricciardo says that he has learnt a new set of skills by racing for a season in the midfield, having been at the sharp end of the grid since 2014. Ricciardo made the move to Renault ahead of the 2019 season, but it hasn't gone totally to plan, with the Australian having to scrap for minor placings mostly.

Ricciardo reveals that he found it tough at the start to get into turn one cleanly, with so many cars surrounding him at the beginning of the race.

He's had a few incidents, most recently with Antonio Giovinazzi and Romain Grosjean at turn one in Russia.

Ricciardo said according to motorsportweek.com: “It has been good; it has been fun.

“The only thing that, I don’t want to say sucks a little bit, but is not as fun is that you are more likely to get caught up in first lap incidents being right in the middle.

“That is the only thing that is, I don’t want to say out of your control, but you are put in that position more often than I was in the last few years.

“It has also allowed me to work on my lap one race craft. My race craft in general, my overtaking and that through the race, isn’t bad. But my lap one stuff, now starting in the midfield, there have been times when I have not made the best decisions going into Turn 1, and after the fact I’m like I could have done that better."

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