Felipe Massa predicts more F1 drivers switching to Formula E

21-11-2019 14:32
by Louis Shaw
Felipe Massa predicts more F1 drivers switching to Formula E

Felipe Massa believes that Formula E is now the most appealing motorsport in the world. The former F1 driver thinks that the electric racing series is continually growing and that more Formula 1 drivers will convert over. 

“Formula E is doing exactly what needs to be done. It is growing,” Massa said to Mirror.

“When a championship is growing and getting bigger and bigger, all the big names are interested. 

“I was interested. I was following Formula E from the beginning and it was interesting. It was the only championship I was looking to come and race after Formula One."

Formula E has been marketed as the eco-friendly version of motorsport and Massa thinks that this means the future of the sport is strong. 

“I concentrate on Formula E, because I believe in the future of Formula E more than I believe in the future of the other championship," he said.

“I am sure that any driver that does not have the possibility to stay in Formula One, they will try and come to Formula E, I am 100 percent sure.”

It will be interesting to see how Formula E and Formula 1 will develop over the next few years. At the moment Formula 1 is still miles ahead of the electric series but Formula E is continuing to grow. 

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