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Jacques Villeneuve says Max Verstappen must be careful with what he says

Jacques Villeneuve says Max Verstappen must "be careful with what he says"

20-11-2019 13:39 Last update: 14:13

Jacques Villeneuve has praised Max Verstappen's talent but has also warned him not to say the wrong things in press conferences and interviews. Verstappen has hit the headlines recently with a stunning win in Brazil, but not before he accused Ferrari of cheating with their engine.

Ferrari's engine has been much more powerful than any other on the grid since the summer break, leading to the Dutchman's suspicions, but 1997 world champion Villeneuve believes he needs to be more careful with what he says.

Velleneuve told Sky Italia: "In my opinion he is ready to become world champion..

"But that doesn't mean he doesn't have to be careful with what he says."

"In that case, he was talking about something he cannot know about. That is the whole problem with that statement."

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