Ferrari were "almost" as quick as Red Bull in the corners in Brazil

20-11-2019 10:00
by Bobby Vincent
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Ferrari were almost as quick as Red Bull in the corners in Brazil

For the majority of the 2019 season, Ferrari have boasted the fastest car on the straights, but in Brazil at the weekend, Scuderia were barely quicker than their rivals on the straightline sections.

Ferrari registered six successive pole positions after the summer break, but now the Italian team have gone two race weekends without a pole position. It's hard to explain why Ferrari have lost the speed we witnessed, but many think it's down to the legality of their power unit.

After the race in Mexico, Max Verstappen brought everyone's attention to the fact that Ferrari have "stopped cheating" hence the sudden decline of speed. 

In Brazil, team principal Mattia Binotto said that Ferrari were as quick as Red Bull in the corner sections for the first time, but their straightline speed was not up to the standard they have set since the summer break.

"Certainly they (Red Bull) were fast," Binotto told "They were fast that around the lap, they were fast on the straight as well. We need to analyse it but if I look at our qualifying compared to them, I think we're almost matching them in grip limited (conditions).

"And it was very close as well on the straightline, in terms of being power limited. So I think it's a balance between aero configuration, what you're choosing. It is the very first time maybe where we are so close to them in grip limited, showing that as Ferrari we are moving in a different set-up direction, giving advantage in the cornering."

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