Mattia Binotto says Ferrari get "criticized" for team orders and letting them race

19-11-2019 18:04
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Mattia Binotto says Ferrari get criticized for team orders and letting them race

Mattia Binotto is struggling to find the balance between letting his drivers race each other and giving them team orders. The Ferrari boss feels that he is criticized no matter what decision the team make.  

“When we tried to manage the drivers this season we have been criticized [for] doing it,” he said to RaceFans. “And when they are free to fight we may be criticized because of ‘free to fight’.

“I think there is always a reason for what we are deciding to do and today it was right to let them race, certainly, because we [already] secured the second place in the constructor's championship.”

Binotto believes that the team needs to “clarify within the team what’s silly and what’s not, what are the limits of the actions.”

“When you’ve got a crash, something was wrong. No doubt. But when you’re free to fight, you’re free to fight and that’s a driving matter: how much you can take as a risk. But certainly here today the risk was not necessary.”

The season can't end sooner for Ferrari and they will hope to put this season behind them and sort out the issue within the team in order to start from fresh in 2020. 

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