Masi clarifies no further investigation for DRS used under yellow flags

19-11-2019 09:09
by Bevan Youl
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Masi clarifies no further investigation for DRS used under yellow flags

FIA race director Michael Masi has confirmed the reasons that stewards didn’t further investigate drivers using the Drag Reduction Systems going through yellow flags was that “no one had failed to reduce their speed”.

Amongst the hectic end to the Brazilian Grand Prix with Bottas retiring, both Ferrari’s crashing into each other and Lewis Hamilton sending Alex Albon for a spin there was an ongoing investigation into drivers using DRS under yellow flags during the race.
This previously meant a penalty to the driver but the rules have since been relaxed with penalties only being given should a driver fail to reduce their speed.
“The overriding factor with double yellow flags is the requirement to slow and significantly slow,” he said as quoted by

“That’s what we looked at with all of them and all of them complied with that.

“So the stewards looked at that and determined that no investigation was necessary.

“The overriding factor of slowing for the double yellows was absolutely complied with.”

As to whether the rules need further clarification Masi believes that’s not the case and is the reason for stewards investigating what happens on track to help make a decision.

“It’s one of those things you can’t make a rule to suit every situation,” he added.

“It’s the reason why we have stewards to make a determination on things and they said the overriding factor is that they slow, which they all did.”

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