Ferrari: “Top teams will remain the top teams” in 2021

11-11-2019 19:39
by Bevan Youl
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Ferrari: “Top teams will remain the top teams” in 2021

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto believes that the “top teams will remain the top teams” in 2021, even with the new overhaul of regulations to create closer racing.

2021 will bring a large revamp of racing in Formula that we see today with the change in the look of cars for better airflow, a budget cap being introduced to prevent teams from spending more than others on development and other aspects of the sport.
The past few years has seen Mercedes dominate at the front with Ferarri and Red Bull posing a challenge when they can, more so recently, but Binotto believes that despite the aim for closer racing they will still be at the front.
"I believe that the top teams will initially get a benefit in terms of performance because of the amount of resources we have got to develop a new car," he said as quoted by

"Later on, hopefully the small teams may make a jump, but the discontinuity [of the rules], it is quite a challenge. It is very difficult to understand today how it may be.

"I think the top teams will remain the top teams. We have still the best teams. We have still the best know-how. We have the resources and the budgets, so I am pretty sure that will not change much."

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has the same opinion as Binotto that the bigger teams will cope better.

"It always takes time for things to concertina. We are only just starting to see that now with chassis and power units and so on, and that is after a period of pretty much four-to-five years," Horner said.

"So there is an argument to say that those teams with more resource will benefit from that as they go into 2021."


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