Lewis Hamilton's dad reveals karting strategy Lewis still uses!

10-11-2019 11:59
by Adam Newton
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Lewis Hamilton's dad reveals karting strategy Lewis still uses!

Lewis Hamilton's dad Anthony has said that his son still uses a technique he used when he began in karting, and it's much more simple than you might think. Hamilton has always been taught by his father to stay out of trouble on the first lap, and Anthony believes it is still true to this day!

Hamilton does seem to get involved in fewer first lap collisions, as shown by his streak of 31 consecutive points finishes, proving that he is rarely knocked out of the running early on.

Despite being perhaps more cautious than others, the Mercedes man has a knack of staying away from trouble whilst still getting great starts, something his father puts down to his karting days.

Anthony Hamilton told Channel 4: “When we were in go-karts, you go into the first bend and a lot of kids are rubbing each other and coming off the circuit, and falling places back.

“I used to say to Lewis look, the minute you touch another go-kart you’re going backwards, so always find space and don’t touch anybody, because what’s the point?

“You’re supposed to be going forward not backwards and he remains with that same ethos today.”

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