Guenther Steiner can't wait for the season to end: "We have nothing"

05-11-2019 18:34
by Louis Shaw
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Guenther Steiner can't wait for the season to end: We have nothing

Haas have really struggled to perform this season and team boss Guenther Steiner can't wait for the season to end. Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean have both only scored two points over the last eight races for Haas and the team is hoping that things will improve in time for next season. 

"I would be very happy if we only had one left, but I believe we still have two. It's hard at the moment because as you can see we have nothing..." Steiner said to

"We are working on our defense and that is difficult. It is like having a football team with eleven defenders and nobody for the attack, while everyone is attacking you and nothing can do.

"We try to limit the damage, but if everyone else does a good job, then that doesn't work because we can't do anything. Every strategy is also wrong, because you will still fall back, it is just a lack of speed."

Due to the disappointing performance this year, the team started focusing on next year earlier than usual. This should give them a better starting point for 2020. 

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