Angry Binotto visited Horner: "The discussion only increased"

05-11-2019 08:07
by Matt Gretton
Angry Binotto visited Horner: The discussion only increased

Yhacbec López was present as a journalist at the United States Grand Prix last weekend. The Spaniard, who writes for, reports on the website that Mattia Binotto visited Christian Horner after the race. He suggests that it was not a very pleasant visit. 

"After the conclusion of the GP, the paddock was very busy. We saw the English journalists talking to Horner, but the tension was palpable. You could tell that from everything," López describes the situation. "I was at Red Bull hospitality when I saw Binotto, a group of journalists and Horner walk past. Mattia looked at them very attentively and seemed more interested than normal in what was going on there." 

The journalist continues his story: "Binotto observed it for a moment and returned to his own hospitality. A few minutes later, Horner was out with the journalists when Mattia suddenly walked into the hospitality industry. He visited Horner, who was standing at the entrance. A discussion occurred and it seems as if the necessary things were said." 

Red Bull and Ferrari out of alignment

The conversation lasted a few minutes between the two team bosses. Binotto's face was on a thunderstorm since the Red Bull Racing team boss had been negative about Ferrari and their F1 car. "Horner indicated that he was only expressing his opinion. Binotto was not very happy with that and the discussion only increased. The moment the tension was at its highest, Binotto left hospitality. Horner was left red-faced," Gustavo H Motta also reports on his Twitter account. 

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