Kimi Raikkonen on slower lap times: "If it’s more exciting nobody cares"

01-11-2019 08:26
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Kimi Raikkonen on slower lap times: If it’s more exciting nobody cares

Kimi Raikkonen would rather closer racing in Formula 1 to the cars setting faster lap times. The new 2021 rule changes have made the cars better at following each other but they might be a bit slower than the current cars. The Alfa Romeo driver doesn't think this matters as long as cars can overtake. 

“I don’t think three, four, five seconds makes any difference,” said Raikkonen to RaceFans. “Like if you take qualifying, yes, we are fast. But you take the race we are probably five, six seconds with fuel and everything else.

“I think even if we are 10 seconds slower, for people to watch the races, if it’s more exciting nobody cares. Every year the times are slightly different.”

The whole objective of the 2021 rule changes was for more competitive racing and it seems that this might come as a consequence to lap times. The drivers don't seem to worry about that as long as the racing is close. 

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