Alonso: "What I hear most is 'you have to come back to F1'"

23-10-2019 14:00
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Alonso: What I hear most is 'you have to come back to F1'

Two-time Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso has been out of the sport since the end of last season, but rumours of the Spaniard making a potential comeback have never died down since he left, as he has now revealed people always tell him to come back to the F1 grid.

The 38-year-old spent the last four seasons of his F1 career at McLaren, where he grew more and more frustrated as the team's performance became worse by the year, with 2017 being the low-point of the Woking-based side when they finished penultimate in the constructors' championship.

Now dabbling in other motorsports like WEC, Dakar, IMSA and IndyCar, Alonso has certainly kept busy since leaving McLaren's F1 team, although his name never disappears from the F1 news cycle.

In his latest interview on Spanish comedy talkshow El Hormiguero, Alonso revealed how he always gets urged to make an F1 comeback.

"I haven't missed F1 this year," the 2005 and 2006 world champion insisted, although he did say he still watches the timetables, trainings and the races.

"In 2021 there will be a new regulation and if there is a possibility of returning I will think about it, but I cannot predict the future.

"I usually see the races when I am on trips. When I watch it at home I am more relaxed.

"About returning to F1 I have to reveal one thing. The phrase I have heard the most since last year is, 'You have to come back'."

Should Alonso make a comeback, he would be 39 at the start of the season and he'd be turning 40 halfway through. Is it too late for him to make a comeback, or is he still good enough to earn a seat on the grid?


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