His father, Ron Dennis and his doctor. Hamilton's key figures in his career

20-10-2019 17:41
by Joseph Tyrrell
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His father, Ron Dennis and his doctor. Hamilton's key figures in his career

Lewis Hamilton is on the brink of becoming a six-time Formula 1 World Champion, an achievement only accomplished by one other driver, Michael Schumacher. The Brit has been reflecting on the support he has had over the years from friends, family and his teams.

Hamilton can secure his sixth World Championship with Mercedes at the Mexican Grand Prix next weekend, his third successive title. Hamilton highlights his father as one of the key figures in his F1 career, which has spanned over ten years.

"Throughout my career, there have been many people involved," Hamilton said as quoted by AS.

"Perhaps the first and most important was my father, who has been the benchmark from the beginning, since I started with eight years until now.

"He was the one who was in the curves of the karting circuits to make sure that I braked later than the others, even that of the British champion at the time, he has supported me throughout my trip."

Amongst others that have supported Hamilton throughout his career are Ron Dennis and his doctor. The five-time World Champion added: "Then I had Ron Dennis, who supported me when I was young. If it wasn't for him, he wouldn't have had the chance to be in F1.

"My doctor Aki Hintsa, who died a couple of years ago. There is no way to do it alone. It is all teamwork.


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