Formula 1 team bosses vote against trailing qualifying race in 2020

18-10-2019 12:03
by Louis Shaw
Formula 1 team bosses vote against trailing  qualifying race in 2020

It looks unlikely that we will see qualifying races in 2020 after RaceFans have reported that the proposal failed to get the required support from the teams. Liberty Media had tried to change the format of the race weekend but Formula 1 will remain the same for the next year at least. 

The proposal was to try the reverse grid qualifying race at three Grand Prix's next season and the circuits that were planned for this new format were Paul Ricard, Spa and Sochi. Ferrari were strongly against the new structure being tested at Monza for obvious reasons. 

The plans haven't gone ahead because drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have strongly criticized it. The F1 teams also had their own concerns as they were worried that the proposed sessions could lead to more crashes and that it would put a lot of pressure on them to fix their cars and pay for the damage. 

Teams spoke to Formula 1 and Ross Brawn at the Japanese Grand Prix and it was clear that the support for the proposal was not there. 

However, despite the lack of support, Brawn has a few months left to persuade that teams and there is a chance we could still see it feature next season. 

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