Mercedes emphasises: "The fight between Bottas and Hamilton will be fair"

15-10-2019 14:48
by Louis Shaw
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Mercedes emphasises: The fight between Bottas and Hamilton will be fair

Mercedes have won the constructor's championship and only Lewis Hamilton or Valtteri Bottas can win the driver's title. The German team have confirmed that they will let their drivers race and that it will be a straight shoot out between them until the end of the season. 

“We must remain faithful to the values ​​we have used in the past and always have a fight that is as fair as possible. Valtteri is the underdog with a deficit of 64 points, but those are only two and a half wins. We will offer them (Bottas and Hamilton) equal opportunities that make it up to them to fight it out on the track," Toto Wolff said. 

Bottas is not going to slow down and after winning the Japanese Grand Prix he will want to win as many races as possible in the final stint of the season. 

"I think there is little reason to give up if there is another chance," the Finn sounds at . “What happened in Japan was a good example of that: Starting at P3 with the two Ferraris in front of you. That would also be difficult to turn into a victory. It is, therefore, possible, but at the same time I am also realistic: I would need a lot of luck with it. In addition, it is a fact that I have to win all races that are coming."

It will be an interesting run to the final race but Hamilton has to be the favorite for the championship. It's good to see Mercedes let them race and Bottas will try his hardest to beat his teammate.  

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