Toto Wolff wants to increase MGU-K to "50% of power output"

09-10-2019 09:25
by Louis Shaw
Toto Wolff wants to increase MGU-K to 50% of power output

Formula 1 could freeze all development on the internal combustion engine part of the current ‘power units’ from 2021 and only allow developments on the electrical parts. Toto Wolff believes that this would reduce costs and that it would be better for sustainability. 

Mercedes boss Wolff thinks that freezing developments on the combustion engine would be a good thing. 

"That would reduce the costs by 5 percent as a good first step," he told Auto Motor und Sport. "But there has to be more. It would be better for sustainability if we keep developing the electrical part of the power unit," said Wolff.

Currently, the MGU-K delivers 20 percent of the total power output but the Austrian thinks it could produce more. 

"We can imagine increasing that to 50 percent," Wolff said.

It will be interesting to see if Formula 1 goes down this path and whether it would make the grid more equal and save teams money. 

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