FIA not concerned about Ferrari team orders as it's "part of the sport"

06-10-2019 16:25
by Louis Shaw
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FIA not concerned about Ferrari team orders as it's part of the sport

FIA Race Director Michael Masi is not against Ferrari's use of team orders. Ferrari are known for having predetermined plans and strategies for races and many fans are against the use of them as they want to see the drivers racing. However, Masi is not concerned by their use and believes that Formula 1 is a team sport. 

“I think it’s part of the team sport that we’re in,” he told last week in Sochi. “I don’t know that I can talk from an FIA level of what the broad FIA policy is on it because it’s never been a discussion," he admitted.

“But at the end of the day team orders have been a part of the sport for a long time as far as I can recall. I don’t know that I can say yay or nay. It’s not something that I’ve got a view on.”

Ferrari used team orders in Sochi as they asked for Sebastian Vettel to give the race lead back to Charles Leclerc. Many fans thought this was unfair and wanted to watch the two battle it out on the track. 

However, Formula 1 is a team sport and therefore it is inevitable that orders will be used. 

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