Helmut Marko slams "absurd" reverse grid plans!

05-10-2019 17:30
by Joseph Tyrrell
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Helmut Marko slams absurd reverse grid plans!

Helmut Marko has described plans for a reverse grid race to decide qualifying as "absurd" highlighting the difficult nature of overtaking at circuits such as Monaco, Spain and Singapore.

The idea has been touted as a possible alternative to traditional qualifying which currently uses three sessions with drivers eliminated until the third which then decides the top ten. 

The idea has already been criticised by current drivers and Helmut Marko has thrown his opinion into the mix as well. Not one to mince his words, Marko told Servus TV: "These plans are absurd.

"If you did that on circuits like Monaco, Singapore or Barcelona, it would be pointless because overtaking is difficult or even impossible.

"You wouldn’t have to watch because nothing would change anyway.

"Our sport is supposed to be like football or tennis, where the basic conditions have not changed fundamentally over the past 30, 40, 50 years.

"The spectators must understand the rules of a Grand Prix. And in the end, the best man should win. There should be no artificial interventions," he added.

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