Abiteboul: "If it's a good secret I prefer to keep it for myself"

02-10-2019 16:17
by Joseph Tyrrell
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Abiteboul: If it's a good secret I prefer to keep it for myself

Following the news that McLaren will split from their engine provider Renault for the 2021 season, Cyril Abiteboul has admitted it may be better for the team to focus on themselves, and to keep any secrets behind closed doors.

Renault and McLaren have worked together since 2018 with the French team previously supplying Red Bull. McLaren announced their partnership with Mercedes, becoming the fourth Mercedes powered team.

Renault are set to go it alone from 2021 and this is something Abiteboul thinks the team can benefit from.

"At the end of the day, we want to beat everyone," Abiteboul told Sky Sports.

"Last time we won, 2005 and 2006, no one was supplied by Renault apart from ourselves. I think we accept that we are limited in resources and maybe it's better not to have any distraction and be focused.

"Also, looking at the regulations, if the effort of standardisation, simplification, aero rules, go ahead we believe that the two major performance differentiators will be engine, and engine integration and installation.

"In that respect, frankly it's better to be alone and to keep for us what we will be developing. We have got some faith in what we are developing and, frankly, if it's a good secret I prefer to keep it for myself."


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