How did the International press react to the Russian Grand Prix?

30-09-2019 08:10
by Matt Gretton
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How did the International press react to the Russian Grand Prix?

For the second week running, some Ferrari driver politics caused some debate during a Formula 1 race. The International media have picked up on this while the Italian press suggests that Sebastian Vettel is struggling with the pace Charles Leclerc has. We take you around the world as the press react to the Russian Grand Prix. 

Bild: Vettel against Leclerc, the slipstream fight at Ferrari

in Germany, a lot of the attention is on their home driver Vettel. They highlight the problem which occurred when Vettel used the slipstream to overtake Leclerc in the early stages of the race despite a different agreement. 

"Again there are problems between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc. While Lewis Hamilton takes the win, the Ferrari teammates argue about agreements made for the slipstream at the start of the race. The fact is that one of the two drivers did not understand the agreements made or did not consciously adhere to them. We bet that the noise at Ferrari is not over yet?"

La Gazetta dello Sport: Leclerc offers certainty, but reliability and management must be investigated

Of course, the Italian press focus on Ferrari. They're quick to point the finger at Vettel. 

"Sebastian Vettel suffers enormously from the strength of Leclerc. Nowadays he always has a long face and the two wins combined with the speed in qualifying his young teammate are bad for his morality. In the race, Seb ignored the team order to immediately return the position to Charles."

The Telegraph: Lewis Hamilton leads Mercedes 1-2, while Sebastian Vettel ignores team orders

The British press switches the focus from Ferrari and praise their own driver Lewis Hamilton as he edges closer to his sixth world championship. But they can't ignore the issues at Ferrari which helped give Hamilton the race win. 

"Ferrari’s chaotic afternoon at the Black Sea resort enabled Mercedes the most unlikely of one-two finishes, while Hamilton ended his three-race losing streak. With just five rounds left, it is difficult to see anything preventing Hamilton from taking what would be his third consecutive title."

AS: Vettel did not hit the pits due to the risk of electrocution

The Spanish newspaper AS elaborates on Vettel's failure.

"Vettel caused a 'safety car' with a broken MGU-K so that Lewis Hamilton took over the race at the expense of Leclerc. That [explanation by Binotto about Vettel failure] implies that there was a risk of electrocution because there was a lack of insulation in the car. Vettel really jumped out of the car not to make double contact with the car and the ground."

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