Nico Hulkenberg: Max Verstappen is "way too fast for us"

28-09-2019 18:27
by Louis Shaw
Nico Hulkenberg: Max Verstappen is way too fast for us

Nico Hulkenberg has admitted that it will be hard to keep Max Verstappen's Red Bull behind him during tomorrow's Russian Grand Prix. The Renault driver insists that his battle will be with the other midfield teams and will target getting ahead of Carlos Sainz and trying to finish 'best of the rest.' 

"He is way too fast for us, this is not our race," the Renault driver told Motorsport-Total. He will focus entirely on the fight in midfield. “The Haas is suddenly working again this weekend. Like rising from the ashes. Toro Rosso was also very fast, so I think it will be an exciting race."

When asked why the Renault seems to be going so well here, Hülkenberg then gives a rather vague answer.

“It's all about feeling. We are a kind of artists and sometimes an artist has a good feeling and sometimes a bad feeling about his work. The car did exactly what I wanted this time and just felt good. Then it all becomes a little easier. The art is to always have that feeling, but it doesn't always work.”

Hulkenberg will hope to paint a beautiful picture with a good race and a high points finish in the race tomorrow. 

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