Lewis Hamilton: "If this is what you want, then you don't understand Formula 1"

27-09-2019 11:41 | Updated: 27-09-2019 12:03
by Louis Shaw
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Lewis Hamilton: If this is what you want, then you don't understand Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton is against the proposal of a reversed starting grid and believes that anyone who supports it "doesn't understand Formula 1." The 2021 rule changes are yet to be announced but there has been some traction in the press with fans and pundits supporting the idea of a reverse starting grid. 

"In my opinion, the reverse starting position is an excuse, because they don't dare make any decisions. They have a bad approach and dare not make any decisions. Why do cars have to become heavier? Catching up is still a problem and I stick to that position. The last meeting did not give me any confidence," Hamilton said to media in Russia. 

Hamilton believes that the cars should be made lighter and better at following each other to encourage better racing instead of penalizing the faster drivers by starting them at the back of the grid. 

"The changes made in recent years have not improved anything, so apparently the people who invented them have no idea about racing. Of course, it is not an easy task, but can we help as drivers?"

Hamilton doesn't understand the benefits of the reverse grid. 

"I really don't get it. Then we start driving slower in Formula 1. Who wants that? You want technology to propel you and innovate more and more. If this is what you want, then you don't understand a thing about Formula 1." 

It will be interesting to see what decisions Liberty Media make to change the sport and whether it is only changes to the cars that are introduced or changes to the actual philosophy of Formula 1. 


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