Romain Grosjean: "It's almost easier to drive in the dark"

17-09-2019 10:30
by Louis Shaw
Romain Grosjean: It's almost easier to drive in the dark

Romain Grosjean is looking forward to the Singapore Grand Prix and racing under the spotlights in the dark. The Haas driver has said that he likes racing at night due to the fact that the light is consistent which makes things easier for the drivers. However, racing at night doesn't come without its challenges. 

“I like it. I think it’s really good fun, and it looks good on the TV footage," Grosjean said. "Seeing that snake of lights through the city is really cool. In terms of spectating, I think it’s really good. You can enjoy the day in Singapore and then watch the race in the evening.”

However, drivers have to change their body clock and become nocturnal. 

“The main challenge is that we live by the night, so you don’t get much sunlight. That catches up with you a little bit by the end of the week!”

When asked if driving in the dark was a challenge the Haas driver said, “Not really, it doesn’t change much. The lights are really well done. For us, it’s almost easier to have almost the same light throughout the circuit.”

Haas will hope to get their car working competitively and that they can get some much-needed points this weekend. 


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