The last corner in Zandvoort will be steeper than IndyCar tracks

17-09-2019 10:02
by Louis Shaw
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The last corner in Zandvoort will be steeper than IndyCar tracks

The Dutch Gand Prix is an exciting addition to the 2020 Formula 1 calendar but a lot of work is still needed to get the circuit ready for racing. A lot has to be sorted out as some locals at Zandvoort are complaining about the environmental impact of racing here and motorsport fans are worried that the track needs to be changed before F1 cars can test it. 

Auto, Motor und Sport have reported that the straight will be made two meters wider through the use of extra asphalt and that different spout strips will be used to make turns such as the Tarzan curve wider so that the speeds of Formula 1 can be accommodated. 

The biggest adjustment, however, is needed in the last bend, where according to Auto, Motor und Sport, a unique corner is being built. The last corner will have a slope of more than fifteen percent, which will make it steeper than turns on an IndyCar circuit. The steepness of the slope must ensure that cars go full throttle through the last corner, encouraging overtaking. Whether this will actually pay off, of course, remains to be seen.

Auto, Motor und Sport is particularly looking forward to the number of spectators and the madness that this will generate. The Dutch fans are amongst the best Formula 1 fans in the world and are known to be able to party! A Grand Prix in their own country could be complete madness! 

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