Montoya stands up for Vettel: Problems are "technical" not "mental"

13-09-2019 13:14
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Montoya stands up for Vettel: Problems are technical not mental

Juan Pablo Montoya believes Sebastian Vettel's downfall is because there's something on the Ferrari car which he doesn't like or he can't manage the tyres. Unlike most others, Montoya doesn't believe the four-time F1 world champion is struggling mentally. 

Vettel hasn't managed to win a single Formula 1 race in the last 12 months whilst he's had to watch his younger teammate storm to back-to-back wins after the 2019 summer break. Leclerc is now ahead of Vettel in the Formula 1 world championship. 

The former Red Bull driver is out of form and Montoya puts his opinion forward. 

"I think he doesn't like something in the car or this year's tyres and Leclerc is able to better adapt. Vettel has to suffer to go as quick as the other guy. Because he has to suffer and he is not comfortable, he makes mistakes. When you're not happy with the car and you push, mistakes happen. I don't think it's a mental thing. It is more a technical one," Montoya told Autosport

Vettel has a year remaining on his Ferrari contract, though his recent run of form has sparked speculation that he might leave before the contract comes to an end. Montoya suggests the 32-year-old needs to work harder and alter his method on race days. 

"He's going to have to get his head down with the team and work harder than he ever has. The only way is working harder, doing something different to what he's doing now. He must be used to working in a certain way, but right now it's not working out for him," Montoya 

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