"If you do that, then you just have foolish tattooed on your forehead"

12-09-2019 08:31
by Matt Gretton
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If you do that, then you just have foolish tattooed on your forehead

Lewis Hamilton crashed during FP3 at the Belgium Grand Prix. He was greeted with cheers to which he complained about after. Jan Lammers, a former Formula 1 driver is asked for his thoughts on the matter. He blames social media.  

"I don't do much about social media, but if I put something on it then you don't even dare to look at the reactions. People are so anti-social and so aggressive on the internet and that is starting to translate into the stands. Where then does the notion that sport fits together? I no longer have that feeling," Lammers told Motorsport.com. 

"The cheering is antisocial and shameful and it is sad that our Dutch fans do that. You don't want to be seen that way. If you do that, then you just have tattooed on your forehead. Someone will probably disagree with this and respond nice and negative or even aggressively, but that says more about those people themselves," Lammers concludes.


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