Max Verstappen says he "could work well" with Charles Leclerc at the same team

09-09-2019 12:15
by Louis Shaw
Max Verstappen says he could work well with Charles Leclerc at the same team

Max Verstappen has not ruled out joining the same team as Charles Leclerc and the two drivers becoming teammates. However, the Red Bull driver knows that if it did happen then there could be tension and team bosses will not be wanting a repeat of the Lewis Hamilton - Nico Rosberg situation. The most important thing for the Dutchman is that he has a fast car. 

Verstappen doesn't care what team he drives for as long as the car is fast. 

"Ferrari is a myth in Italy because it's like talking about a God. It is nice to see that passion for a team and the history of the team is, of course, beautiful, but I especially want to drive the fastest car. Whether that is in a red, gray or blue color, that makes no difference to me," Verstappen said to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

When asked if there was a possibility of him ever joining Charles Leclerc at the same team, the Dutchman did not rule it out. 

"I think we could work well together," Verstappen said. "I do not rule out that we will clash, but we will not end up like Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. Of course, it is a more difficult situation than a team where one driver is much faster, but it is not impossible."

Despite the fierce competition between the two drivers, Verstappen is happy that Leclerc got the win at Monza. 

"It's nice for him, but it makes sense for younger drivers to grab the victories at some point."


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