Lewis Hamilton: Driving for Ferrari "could potentially be an option"

05-09-2019 18:03
by Louis Shaw
Lewis Hamilton: Driving for Ferrari could potentially be an option

Lewis Hamilton has kept his plans for the future rather secretive. On one hand, the Mercedes driver wants to stay at the team that has been so loyal to him but he has also always wanted to drive for Ferrari

When asked during Thursday's press conference if there was anything that could tempt him to Ferrari Hamilton said, "I don't know if it's about being tempted or whether it's part of the game plan. 

"I was asked earlier 'how would I feel if I ended my career without driving for Ferrari?' And honestly, when you're part of Mercedes, you are part of a family for a lifetime, providing you stay with them obviously!

"If you look at Stirling Moss and previous drivers, they look after you and you are part of their history. That's important to me. Loyalty is a very very key part but if there's a point in my life where I decided I want to change then that could potentially be an option but I don't know if it is at the moment."

It will be interesting to see if Hamilton stays loyal to Mercedes or if he does get tempted to go and drive for Ferrari. 


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