FIA race director Masi revives F1's 'yellow card' flag warning

04-09-2019 19:02
by Tom Mason
F1 News
FIA race director Masi revives F1's 'yellow card' flag warning

FIA race director Michael Masi decided to bring back the black and white flag warning at the Belgian Grand Prix last weekend, adding that it should now be seen as the same as football's yellow flag.

This hadn't been used since the Malaysian Grand Prix in 2010 prior to last weekend when it was used to help out Lewis Hamilton.

Ex F1 race director Charlie Whiting had got rid of the use of a flag, preferring to use radio messages.

"The black and white flag, bad sportsmanship flag, is something that hasn’t been used prior to this since about 2010 apparently,” said Masi

"But one of the discussions that have been ongoing with the sporting directors is using it.

"So one of the reasons I haven’t used it to date is trying to find out from as many of them and others as to why it stopped from being used, and no one could come up with a valid reason".

The black and white flag is only used once if it's used for a second time then it will cause a stewards investigation and a potential penalty.

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