Nico Rosberg says Max Verstappen is "too aggressive" after Belgian GP incident

02-09-2019 10:36
by Louis Shaw
Nico Rosberg says Max Verstappen is too aggressive after Belgian GP incident

Max Verstappen's impressive run of 20 consecutive top 5 finishes has come to an end after he crashed out of the Belgian Grand Prix. Nico Rosberg was quick to criticize him after the race and has labeled him as being "too aggressive."    

“It looks like he found his old 'me' again. Too aggressive. I also do not understand why he keeps going gas with a broken car: Of course, you go into the wall. He does have huge balls, but I didn't think it was logical to do that," Rosberg said in his post-race analysis. 

Rosberg was also critical of Valtteri Bottas and his performance at Spa. 

“The same story with Valtteri again. Being fast in qualifying, struggling on Sunday. On the other hand: He does what he has to do and comes along with Lewis (Hamilton). A pity for the championship perhaps, but good.”

Lando Norris is the only driver that gets Rosberg's praise. 

“Another epic race on his part. Truly a talent that is on the rise. But you have to check how terribly sorry he is that he will end in the final round. The best race of your career, driving on P5 and then that thing gives up the ghost. That's how it works in racing: The racing gods regularly put a spoke in the wheel."

Rosberg has been critical of a few drivers and will hope for better performances in Monza this weekend. 


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