Williams: "We need to be clear to Pirelli what we want"

25-08-2019 13:51
by Joseph Tyrrell
F1 News
Williams: We need to be clear to Pirelli what we want

Claire Williams has called for the teams to make it clear as to what type of tyres they want so that tyre provider Pirelli can provide tyres that best suits everyone.

The 2021 regulation changes were meant to be agreed months ago but much like Brexit has been postponed until the end of October. One topic for debate has been the tyres.

Williams feels that it needs to be made clear to Pirelli what the teams want so a suitable outcome can be reached.

"I think we should be clear to Pirelli what we want," Williams told RaceFans.net.

“Different teams are going to have different opinions about how to handle the tires with the car they have. Drivers have different opinions about how they want the tires. I think it is best to come up with a solution that is most sensible for drivers, teams and Pirelli, which makes it easy to deal with.

“We have the 18 inch tires that are coming and now there is a discussion going on whether we should go back to 13 inch tires. We have to map out a path, stick to it and row with the straps that we have,"

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