Pirelli boss praises McLaren in Mercedes bias denial

24-08-2019 12:15
by Adam Newton
Pirelli boss praises McLaren in Mercedes bias denial

Pirelli boss Mario Isola has praised McLaren's ability to use the 2019 tyres in a rebuff to rumours that the tyre company are purposely favouring Mercedes.

The tyres for 2019 are different than those last year, and some teams have struggled to get to grips with the new rubber.

Constructors' championship leaders Mercedes have had no problems with the tyres as they have raced into a huge lead in the standings over Ferrari, leading to these accusations of bias.

According to F1Technical, Isola said: “The problem (with the tyres) is mainly due to the construction of the car. We are not only working with Mercedes. I can say with certainty that many other teams can also work well with the tires. 

"Look at McLaren for example," Isola continues. “See how they are doing compared to last year. Those are not just the tires, but also a well-built car. There are teams that just do their job well."

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