Carlos Sainz: Formula 1 "will be capable of adapting" to less testing

21-08-2019 15:39
by Louis Shaw
Carlos Sainz: Formula 1 will be capable of adapting to less testing

The proposal of an extended season means that testing time will be reduced but Carlos Sainz believes that Formula 1 will "adapt" and will start to use virtual testing more. Some believe that the lack of testing will impact on teams performance but others like Sainz believe that the technology is so good now that it doesn't matter. 

"I feel like Formula 1 will adapt to the circumstances," said Sainz to Autosport.

"And I think nowadays with simulators and simulation tools, we will be capable of adapting.

"We will end up being still prepared. So I don't think it will be a massive issue for drivers or teams."

If the Formula 1 season is extended that virtual testing will become even more important than it already is. It shouldn't impact on the team's performance as every team will be in the same position and will, therefore, be competing on a level playing field. 


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