Max Verstappen explains "crucial" Austrian GP update for Red Bull

21-08-2019 10:15 | Updated: 21-08-2019 11:06
by Bobby Vincent
Max Verstappen explains crucial Austrian GP update for Red Bull

Max Verstappen recorded his first win of the season at the Austrian Grand Prix in June, and despite Red Bull not knowing fully what got them its first victory in 2019, there is more of an idea now.

Verstappen produced a brilliant comeback in Austria after a first-lap collapse saw him drop several places on the grid. Since the race at the Red Bull Ring, Verstappen has achieved a podium finish in Hungary and could've easily done the same in Britain, whilst also winning at a wet Germany.

"In France, we were not very happy with the car, but we were also not very quick on the straight," Verstappen said to Autosport. "I think we got out of that and said we should push a bit harder, and not be so conservative about finishing the race having no issues on the engine.

"It's not much, but every few hundredths you can get out of it, when it's starting to get that close, it's really important. It all came together in Austria, when we started to push the car in a better direction, and the engine was marginal but every little bit helps."

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