Sebastian Vettel: Drivers are “only ones” without motive for 2021 regulations

20-08-2019 13:00
by Bevan Youl
Sebastian Vettel: Drivers are “only ones” without motive for 2021 regulations

Sebastian Vettel believes that drivers are the “only ones” without a personal motive behind discussions for the 2021 regulation changes to gain an advantage but to help to sport for everyone.

The 2021 season will see a huge overhaul of changes made to Formula 1, such as the look and design of the cars and a budget cap brought in to limit how much teams can spend, aiming to make competition closer.
The FIA and Liberty Media talk to both the teams and drivers about the regulation changes which are set to be confirmed in October for teams to start working on the cars for 2021.
But Vettel feels that drivers having a say in the changes is a big positive as they all want the same thing.
The German said (quoted by "Yeah definitely, that's a positive aspect.
"It's a great opportunity for us to speak our mind. We are probably the only ones around that table that do not have a motive behind what we're saying.
"We are very neutral and all we care for is the sport. I think it's a great chance for us and for everyone else on that table because I feel that we bring something that hasn't been covered before.
"We bring the inside perspective. I feel that people are listening and bringing it onboard. now we have to see what happens, some of it is politics, some is tactics.
"But as I said, we are staying out of this and we are just saying what we think is the best going forward in order for us and for everyone else who loves this sport to enjoy it more."

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