Lando Norris reveals how different Formula 1 is to anything else

18-08-2019 13:19
by Louis Shaw
Lando Norris reveals how different Formula 1 is to anything else

Lando Norris is in his first Formula 1 season and the main difference the youngster has faced is the fact that his feedback of how the car performs is vital. In junior formulas, cars do not get upgraded throughout the season but in Formula 1 they do. Norris has said that he can now tell the team about something that doesn't feel right and they can actually fix the issue.  

“Everything I say now, a lot of it together with Carlos, and complain about is stuff they might have an upgrade for in three, four or five races time,” Norris said to

“So, it’s only for my own benefit. If I don’t think of it in the right way, or describe it in the right way, it’s only going to have a negative effect when we have that upgrade coming. 

“In F2 you don’t have upgrades, you make tweaks here and there, but it’s nowhere near on the level F1 is. 

“A lot of the stuff I say this year, next year [it] will have a big effect as well."

Norris was thrown in at the deep end and the vast number of mechanics, engineers and designers were all listening to his voice. It is something that he has got used to and has used to improve the car. 

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