Has the Spanish Grand Prix been saved?

26-07-2019 12:17 | Updated: 26-07-2019 13:06
by Matt Gretton
Has the Spanish Grand Prix been saved?

The German Grand Prix, the Mexican Grand Prix and the Spanish Grand Prix are all in danger of losing their place on the Formula 1 calendar. With Liberty Media insisting the number of races would remain at 21, a total which includes new races in Vietnam and Netherlands, it's likely that one of those three races will be dropped. 

When Formula 1 visited Barcelona for the 2019 Spanish Grand Prix, positive vibes weren't felt across the grid. But now, AutoSport report that a one-year contract extension for a race in Barcelona is being discussed. 

Autosport report: "To help move things forward, it is understood the government has offered a guarantee of the race hosting fee as a short term measure." 

The only problem remained to be solved would be where to slot the race in the calendar. On the Formula 1 website, the current dates for the 2020 season are as follows. 

  • Australia - 15th March
  • Bahrain - 29th March
  • China - 12th April 
  • Vietnam - 19th April 
  • Azerbaijan - 26th April 
  • Netherlands - 10th May 
  • Monaco - 24th May 
  • Canada - 7th June
  • France - 21st June
  • Austria - 28th June 

It's unlikely the Spanish Grand Prix will slot into the 3rd May as this would result in a triple header. If the deal comes through, it might mean we see the Spanish Grand Prix pushed back into September. 

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