Hamilton: "I hope it gets closer through the year"

25-07-2019 18:41
by Matt Gretton
Hamilton: I hope it gets closer through the year

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are both leading their 2019 Formula 1 world championships comfortably. While Hamilton is getting plenty of joy from winning consistently winning races, he hopes the gap between themselves and Ferrari/Red Bull gets closer throughout the year. 

12 months ago, and Ferrari were very much in the fight for the 2018 F1 world championship. It was at the German Grand Prix when cracks appeared for Sebastian Vettel. Ahead of this year's trip to Hockenheim, Hamilton remembers how close it was and hopes for a similar fight. 

"Whether or not Ferrari is going to pick up their pace - I don't know, they're kind of up and down. Last year here it was quite close between all three of us, Ferrari was slightly quicker, but I hope it gets closer through the year," Hamilton told Sky Sports

"You have seen a big step for Red Bull, they have really taken a leap forward with their power unit this year and it's really great to see. They are only going to go from strength to strength."

"Max is not a youngster necessarily in the sport anymore. Whilst he's young, he's been here for a few years. Charles is only in his second season, so he's got a lot of growing that he will experience and I can only see him getting stronger. We're already seeing some great performances from him."

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