Ricciardo: Red Bull doing "exactly the same" as five years ago

21-07-2019 09:11
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Ricciardo: Red Bull doing exactly the same as five years ago

Daniel Ricciardo has said that his former team Red Bull have not improved in five years, since he joined in 2014.

Ricciardo replaced Mark Webber after Webber's retirement at the end of 2013, and he took three wins in his first season with the team.

Since then, it's been more of the same for Red Bull, with the occasional win, but no real title challenge.

Ricciardo told Formule1.de: "People often come to me: 'Look at Max, he's on the podium and you don't even get close to it.

"But do you know what it is? I am not saying this to get at Red Bull, but they are doing exactly the same as the past five years.

"Last year Red Bull had won three races around this time, now they have just taken the first win [Verstappen's victory in Austria].

“So I would not have been better off if I had stayed with Red Bull. That is also my point: unless you drive for Mercedes, as a driver you can never be completely satisfied, because Mercedes dominates.

"I certainly do not regret my switch to Renault.

[Results are] not yet great, but I am very happy with the team and with what I see here. And most importantly: I am happy with myself and with what I do, what I am trying to build up here with the engineers."

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