Brundle feels Vettel has ‘lost judgement and reactions’ in racing

16-07-2019 15:03
by Bevan Youl
Brundle feels Vettel has ‘lost judgement and reactions’ in racing

Former Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle has said that he feels Sebastian Vettel has ‘lost judgement and reactions’ in racing wheel to wheel over time.

The four-time World Champion looked on course for a potential fifth championship title mid-way through last year, but a series of mistakes led to him losing the lead and Championship to Lewis Hamilton.
This season Vettel has struggled in wheel to wheel situations, spinning under pressure from Hamilton in Bahrain, going wide onto grass and coming back on controversially, nearly colliding with Hamilton, and going into the back of Max Verstappen at the British Grand Prix after being overtaken.
Brundle feels that the German has lost some of his judgement and quickness due to being in the later stages of his career.
Brundle said in his Sky Sports column: “I like the man so much and admire his track record, intellect, and human values, but I long ago lost the right as a pundit to sit on the fence.
“As we have seen with many drivers in the later stages of their careers, he has lost judgement and reactions in wheel-to-wheel action.”
Brundle did sympathise with Vettel and his collision with Verstappen at Silverstone saying it can easily happen.

“I know how easily that Silverstone incident can happen,” added Brundle.
“F1 cars, without brake lights, can slow five times harder than the finest road car.
“Then, just as you panic a little too hard onto the brake pedal you lose front downforce and grip as your two-metre-wide front wing disappears underneath your rival's gearbox.
“To add to this, Vettel had some right steering lock applied, hoping to sweep across the back of the Red Bull, which would have but some roll moment and jacking into his front suspension.
“Boom, brakes and therefore tyres locked solid, retardation dramatically reduced, contact imminent."

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