Kubica on racing for last place and Williams' one positive from this season

07-07-2019 12:19
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Kubica on racing for last place and Williams' one positive from this season

Williams have really struggled so far this season and Robert Kubica has revealed what racing for last position every Grand Prix is like. His teammate, George Russell, has impressed many and has consistently outperformed Kubica and this has led for many to question his involvement in the sport. However, there is one positive Kubica has taken from this season. 

"When you are driving the car you try to do your best, and the risks you are taking for fighting for last place are a bit different, especially when you are racing with your teammate," Kubica was quoted by GPToday.net. "It's not something I would particularly say I am excited about.

"As I say, it is better than having a lonely race, but it doesn't change my life a lot. At least I try to enjoy the driving, but when you see the classifications, you don't enjoy anymore, or you enjoy less."

Despite the disappointing results, Kubica believes that the team can take some positives away from their pit stops. Williams have been very fast and efficient in this area and will take some confidence from this.  

"I think the guys are doing a good job and they have always been strong," The Polish driver said. "It's not that it is easy for them and we do have our problems as well. I think for the guys it's they have their own race there. I assume that if I was a pit crew member it would be satisfying for me.

"For sure its some positive, and something positive we can publish. But when we finish three minutes behind, you know racing is about finishing the race in the fastest time."

It seems that Williams are destined to lose this season but will hope that they can start developing for next year where they can build on their positives and hopefully fight their way up the grid. 

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