This is what Kevin Magnussen would do to solve the tyre issue in Formula 1

04-07-2019 12:58
by Matt Gretton
This is what Kevin Magnussen would do to solve the tyre issue in Formula 1

Haas is just one of many teams who have been vocal about the tyre problems during the 2019 Formula 1 season. It seems, only Mercedes can consistently get the tyres to work. 

Ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix, teams had a vote on whether to return to the 2018 compounds but this was turned down with five votes on either side.

Without a doubt, tyres are one of the most talked about things in Formula 1. And this is the number one thing that Haas driver Kevin Magnussen would change if he was in charge. 

"If I owned Formula 1, I would ensure that the tyres were not something we were talking about. They would just work and we could talk about something interesting. It’s super uninspiring," Magnussen told Ekstra Bladet Newspaper. 

He'd also make them easier to understand. He admits himself that he doesn't understand how they work. If the drivers can't understand, then it's not a surprise to see some fans struggle! 

"Even we don't understand it. Impossible to understand. Which temperature are you talking about? The brakes, the rim, the surface, the carcass, the asphalt? You can't just say 'tyre temperature'. It's measured on the inside, halfway to the middle, the middle, halfway to the outside, the outside. And then there's the tread, the camber. That's why it's so boring to talk about. Super uninteresting," he added. 

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