Gasly believes struggles will make him a better driver at Red Bull

03-07-2019 11:30
by Bobby Vincent
Gasly believes struggles will make him a better driver at Red Bull

Red Bull Racing driver Pierre Gasly believes his current struggles will eventually make him a better driver overall.

Gasly has been tipped to be axed by Red Bull in time for the 2020 season after a tough start since his switch up from sister-team Toro Rosso at the start of the season.

Max Verstappen has beaten him in every single race this season so far, and even lapped his team-mate despite being behind him on the opening lap.

Gasly has insisted he and his team are working hard until he can improve, and eventually this difficult spell will make the Frenchman a more complete driver.

"You always learn from this kind of difficult situation," Gasly said, as quoted by "Whether it's about yourself, about so many things. Facing challenges, when you come out of it in the end, it always makes you stronger.

"That's the way I look at it. Things aren't going exactly how I want but I'm pretty confident that it will make me a more complete driver, once we go through that phase."

Gasly has added that his performance over a race-weekend is more important than the actual result: "The result doesn't really matter that much. Just the feeling that I've extracted potential from the car and what it can give you."

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